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the shino problem [May. 8th, 2010|09:20 pm]
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hey guys! so i just watched episode 11 a few minutes ago. it was a long while since i last watched it, but that episode always gives me food for thought, so i thought it might be a good time to bring up some discussion in this comm (things have been kinda quiet around here, haven't they?).

clearly, shino marked a turning point in the series when it came to jin/fuu. i know for me, it was the first episode that really made me go "oh, hey, maybe..." but at the same time, the idea of jin actually falling in love with some other woman on screen seems like such a huge deal that people even use it as an argument against jin/fuu a lot of the time.

so, what do you guys think: was jin really in love with shino? why do you think she made such an impact in his life? do you think, three years after the series ended, he would've gone back for her? how are any feelings he may have had for fuu, different than the ones he had for shino?

as for fuu, anyone with eyes could see that she was jealous. but was she jealous out of simple infatuation, or were her feelings for jin deeper at that point? why do you think her reaction was so emotional?

discuss freely, but please no bashing! shino was nothing if not perfectly nice, so let's keep the discussion clean, hmm?

also, as an aside, i would like to say: the world really needs more jin/fuu fanfiction. did you know that in ff.net there are about five pages of fics that have mugen and fuu listed as main characters? five pages. that's even more than for jin and mugen, which i didn't think was possible. jin and fuu barely have one page. and that's just for the fics that actually have main characters marked at all! i can't vouch for the quality of those five pages of fics, but it seems highly unfair that jin and fuu get so little attention. we've got to remedy that, you guys! *nudgenudge* x3

[User Picture]From: princessida
2010-05-19 09:35 pm (UTC)

Re: your question

Yep, I agree with samcham7, that Jin likes Shino somewhat.
My opinions are this: I know she is nice and she needs someone chivalrous, but she can be paired off with an OC, a minor SC character, or another guy from a xover in a nice well written fic.

I usually pair off those that are "in the way" with an OC, a minor character that does not get love, or sometimes I crossover them.

Uh, I prefer to think that Shino might have found someone (after 3 years).
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[User Picture]From: girls_are_weird
2010-05-23 01:55 am (UTC)

Re: your question

Uh, I prefer to think that Shino might have found someone (after 3 years).

isn't an enkiri-dera sort of like a convent, though? or more accurately, it's like a temple. i hardly think she'd find a lot of available men in there... but of course, there's always after. and what the hell, we can just take some artistic license, lol... xDDD
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